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Customer Creations – January 2018

Customer Creations - January 2018

We are so excited to start this new monthly series called Customer Creations! Each month I am going to browse through Instagram and the Andrie Designs Facebook Group for your recent creations. We will choose our favourite makes at random and share them with you here. Let’s check out what you have all been working […]

Gather Me Up Clutch

Gain pattern inspiration for the Gather Me Up Clutch - Andrie Designs

Back in 2015 I designed the Gather Me Up Clutch pattern. It was cute, and had lots of options, but after reading through the pattern again recently it dawned on me that it was rather ‘novice’ and needed a major makeover right away! So, I got to work and pretty much re-wrote the whole thing. […]

Classic Clutch Swap 2017

Classic Clutch Swap 2017 - Andrie Designs

It’s swap time! What swap I hear you ask? Why, the Classic Clutch Swap 2017 of course! It’s been a while since I ran a swap so figured it was high time for one and what better pattern to use than the gorgeous little Classic Clutch – the second pattern in the Andrie Designs Classic […]

It’s Christmas in July!

Title image - Christmas in July - Andrie Designs

Hooray! It’s Christmas time! Well, almost anyway! And what better way to prepare than make a start on some Christmas sewing! Yes, I know that’s a scary thought as I’m sure just a few weeks ago it was Easter, but as I’m sure you’re aware, the festive season is fast approaching so there’s really no […]

Classic Clutch

Classic Clutch - Andrie Designs

Following the opening success of Club CloBird in 2016, it was a no brainer when Karis from CloBird Designs asked me if I’d be interested in participating in the club again this year! I chose to be Miss May again because, well, why not?! πŸ™‚ After a wee bit of pondering and prototyping, I came […]

Carry All Flexi Clutch – Adding a Shoulder Strap: Option #2

Carry All Flexi Clutch - Adding a Shoulder Strap: Option #2 - Andrie Designs

Hi everyone! Continuing with our short series on adding a shoulder strap to your next Carry All Flexi Clutch, today I have a post for you by none other than, well, err, myself! My take on adding a shoulder strap is a little different to the approach Aimee from The Little Bird Designs took last […]

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 – Round Up

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - Andrie Designs

And just like that, the swap has closed! The Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 has been an awesome swap, filled with lots of beautiful clutches made by a wide variety of bag makers! With soooo many amazing fabric combinations used, it was hard to choose a favourite, so I thought I’d just include ALL […]