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Customize Your Creations - Andrie Designs

Hey Bag Maker! Today we have a fun little post about simple ways that you can take one of our patterns and truly make it your own! Having the pattern is a great foundation to start creating but how do you stand out in the crowd? Read on to see 5 ways you can easily create a look all your own!

Fabric Choices

One of the easiest ways to truly make a pattern your own is to use a specific design for every piece of your creations! For the Layla Essentials Purse below, I used almost entirely Tula Pink fabrics. Finding a designer that you truly love and using only them really makes your creations stand out against the rest! You could even schedule collection launches with every new fabric line they release!

Strap Updates

A fun way to update a pattern is simply by making the strap more unique! For this Classic Clutch, adding a Double-Sided Wrist Strap completely changes the look! You can even do it for a full bag strap too using our Double-Sided Strap tutorial! It’s an easy way to change the look without having to hack the actual bag at all!

Side view of the Blush Classic Clutch - Andrie Designs

Adding a Strap

Speaking of straps, why not add a strap to a pattern that normally doesn’t have one! At this point, you probably know how to create a strap so why not add it to a clutch like this Carry All Flexi Clutch! You could even add a strap to the Stand Up Clutch! It takes your clutch and turns it into an instant handbag in just a few extra steps!

Completed Carry All Flexi Clutch - Adding a Shoulder Strap: Option #2 - Andrie Designs

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A fun way to make an easy and unique change to your makes is by adding embellishments to your bags! Add some buttons or tassels like this Summertime Sling and you have a whole new look! This is the perfect opportunity to use up all those random notions and ribbons we all have hiding in our stashes. Plus it takes it from boring to fab so quickly!

Small sized Summertime Sling - Andrie Designs
Photo credit to Chris from UnThreaded

Cut it Up!

If you are making a bag with an applique on the front like the That Flap Saddlebag pattern, why not chop up that applique into pieces? It gives you a chance to have a little extra fun with fabric and makes your creations stand out! You can see how we did it to this dragonfly in our “How to Split an Applique” blog post.

Beautifully spliced 'dragonfly' That Flap Saddlebag - Andrie Designs

I’m sure you all know by now we love hacking patterns but a double-sided strap is what truly makes our hearts sing for customization! What is your favourite way to customize a pattern to make it your own? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy sewing!



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