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Customer Creations – Little Freehand Pack

Customer Creations - Little Freehand Pack - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! Welcome to a new edition of Customer Creations! This month we are rounding up some Little Freehand Pack! We’ve got sweet little prints and little packs for you to see. Read on to see what your fellow bag makers have been up to! Not familiar with the Little Freehand Pack pattern? Not […]

Creating a Double Pull Zipper

Creating a Double Pull Zipper - Andrie Designs

I recently wrote an article for Issue 11 of the digital sewing magazine One Thimble on creating your own double pull zippers and thought you might like to have a read of it here on my blog as well! I learnt how to make double pull zippers a few months ago when designing my Little […]

Little Freehand Pack

Little Freehand Pack - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

The story behind this pattern is one that is very close to my heart… My wonderful Dad – someone who never asks me for anything – asked me to design him a bag. Not just any bag, he wanted something small and compact, that he could wear around his waist while working in the bush […]