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Tips for Better Bag Making

Tips for Better Bag Making - Andrie Designs

This week Lisa and I have put together some of our favourite tips to help you improve your bag making skills. These tips will help you achieve beautiful results and maybe even speed up your time prepping and creating! Have a look through our list below. Test Squares This is the most important tip of […]

Bag Making Supplies – A Handy Guide on Where to Find Everything You Need to Make Your Next Bag

Bag Making Supplies - A Handy Guide on Where to Find Everything You Need to Make Your Next Bag Andrie Designs

Hi there! I am often asked if I can recommend places to purchase fabric or hardware etc. and, naturally, I recommend a few that I know of and use on a regular basis. However, I am aware that there are MANY more great businesses out there so, over a series of posts in my patterns […]

Turn Through Seams, Be Gone!

Turn Through Seams, Be Gone!- Andrie Designs

Hi! Aimee from The Little Bird Designs here today! When making bags or pouches, that turning spot never ever sits smooth, or it gets really stretched out. If I can find a way to hide that turning spot I will, and what better place to hide it than your zipper pocket! This little hack will […]

A New Approach to Zipper Tabs

A New Approach to Zipper Tabs - Andrie Designs

Hi! Today I have a lovely little tutorial from Leslie at Love Rubie on making those gorgeous, custom zipper tabs you may have seen appearing on some of her latest bags including her Classic Carryall totes! Her approach is a little different in that it allows you to add a ring to the end of […]

Creating a Double Sided Strap

Creating a Double Sided Strap - Andrie Designs

Hi there! Soooo….. Since I posted my double sided strap a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had numerous people ask me how I made it and if I’d be willing to put together a tutorial so they can have a go themselves. Naturally I said yes and, well, here it is! In a nutshell, I […]

Cleo Everyday Wallet – VIDEO: Folding the Wings

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Video - Folding the Wings - Andrie Designs

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Coming soon to a screen near you – it’s the Cleo Everyday Wallet video!!! Ok… So maybe not quite ‘big motion picture’ size, and maybe not ‘soon’ (it’s actually now, LOL!), but yes – I have a wonderful short clip for you on how to fold your Cleo Everyday Wallet […]

Cleo Everyday Wallet – Time To Give Cleo Her Wings!

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Time to give Cleo her wings - Andrie Designs

Let me start by saying I am absolutely LOVING seeing all the Cleo Everyday Wallets popping up around social media… From my Instagram feed to my Facebook group, there is such growing variety of styles and fabric combinations, the ideas list for my next few seems to be growing and growing! ~ For more information […]