Snaps and Turn Locks

Hello bag makers! Today we have a round-up for you of all of our tutorials for snaps and turn locks! If you have been looking for the steps to add these to your bags or clutches, read on to see them below!


First up we have a collection of tutorials and instructions for installing your turn locks and magnetic snaps to any bag or clutch you are making. Each of these has lots of photos to get you through the installation. Click the image to be taken to the post!

Installing A Screw In Turn Lock - Andrie Designs

Installing A Prong Back Turn Lock - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: Turn Locks - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps - Andrie Designs

CTA - Shop Now Button #2 - Andrie Designs

Pattern Hacks

Next up we have a collection of pattern hacks that add magnetic snaps and turn locks to bags that don’t usually have them! Some of these will even completely change the look of your creation! Click the image to be taken to the post!

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Closure Tab - Andrie Designs

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Turn Lock Hack - Andrie Designs

S and S Tote - Magnetic Snap Pocket - Andrie Designs

Polly Turn Lock Hack - Andrie Designs

Video Tutorials

Lastly, we have a couple of video tutorials for those who are visual learners! These tutorials will walk you through each step of installation so you can install them perfectly every time! Click the image to be taken to the post!

Installing a Magnetic Snap - Andrie Designs

Installing an Invisible Magnetic Snap - Andrie Designs

We hope these tutorials plus tips and tricks help you while you sew your next creation! If you have any more questions? Let us know below!


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