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Cleo Everyday Wallet – Time To Give Cleo Her Wings!

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Time to give Cleo her wings - Andrie Designs

Let me start by saying I am absolutely LOVING seeing all the Cleo Everyday Wallets popping up around social media… From my Instagram feed to my Facebook group, there is such growing variety of styles and fabric combinations, the ideas list for my next few seems to be growing and growing! ~ For more information […]

Adventure Time Backpack – The Dreaded Step 14 (LOL!)

Adventure Time Backpack - The Dreaded Step 14 - Andrie Designs

I’ve noticed a couple of people stalling at step 14 (page 8) of the Adventure Time Backpack pattern… Expressions such as ‘what on earth?!’, ‘HUH??’, ‘I don’t GET this!!’, and probably some even more incriminating profanities, have most likely been uttered at this point in the pattern. I’d also be willing to bet a few […]

Pricing Handmade Items to Sell

Pricing Handmade Items to Sell - Andrie Designs

Pricing handmade items can be difficult. We’re often plagued with thoughts such as “Am I charging too much?”, “Nobody will pay that!!!”, “I don’t want to rip anyone off”. All too soon we find ourselves lowering to what we think is a ‘reasonable’ price only to discover that we’re earning so little we might as […]

Reducing Bulk – Tips to Help Combat Bulky Seams in Your Next Bag

Reducing Bulk - Andrie Designs

Bulky seams. The bugbear of bag makers everywhere. Even if you’re lucky enough to sew through all of the layers, how do you stop those unsightly visible stitches from sneaking through to the right side, peering at you in silent judgement? Sewing through many layers is difficult at the best of times, but with bags […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice – What Goes Where?

Stand Up & Tote Notice - What Goes Where? - Andrie Designs

Hello everyone! Today’s post is short and sweet and is for the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of this extremely popular pattern then you can do so here. If it’s your first time making this bag then you may find it a bit confusing trying to work out […]

Saggy Linings Be Gone!

Saggy Linings Be Gone! Tips to help correct a saggy lining in your next bag - Andrie Designs

I think you will all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than stitching that final seam of your bag, turning everything out the right way, and discovering that the lining looks like you’re toting the Saggy Baggy Elephant. Loose lining can be caused by a number of factors. Inaccurate cutting, fabric shrinkage, too small […]

PDF Troubleshooting

Flow chart - PDF Troubleshooting - Andrie Designs

The introduction of PDF patterns has opened up a whole new world for designers to develop and deliver their latest creations right to your doorstep (or your computer at least). Unfortunately, it has also opened up a whole new world of issues that arise from printing your own patterns. Files not opening, pages not lining […]