Make it Custom for Christmas!

Make it Custom for Christmas - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! With just 2 weeks left until Christmas, we thought we would do a fun pattern round-up for you! This year we are rounding up the best patterns to customize for your loved ones! Read on below to get the inspiration for your next custom bag make!

Polly Crossbody Pouch

The size of Polly and the flap lends itself beautifully to make it custom! Rosemarie used the Polly pattern to make a Yoda themed flap and Abbe added a few cutout butterflies to make her flap pop! Find the Polly Crossbody Pouch here!

Yoda-themed Polly Cross Body Pouch - Andrie Designs

Stunning butterflies in flight Polly Cross Body Pouch - Andrie Designs

Layla Essentials Purse

Layla packs a lot of punch on the inside so why not have a little extra fun on the exterior! With a little bit of appliqué, Tiffany turned the exterior of her Layla into a Star Wars theme! Find the Layla Essentials Purse here!

Tiffany's Star Wars Layla Essentials Purse - Andrie Designs

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That Flap Saddlebag

This saddlebag pattern was designed to be customized but why not take it a little bit further! Cut up the flap applique and piece it back together for a truly unique creation! With 10 appliqué options to choose from, you’re sure to find a design to customize! Here’s the tutorial for How to Split your Appliqué! If you want to have even more fun, check out Tiffanys That Flap Saddlebag on Instagram to see how she customized hers! Find That Flap Saddlebag here!

Beautifully spliced 'dragonfly' That Flap Saddlebag - Andrie Designs

Peekaboo Purse

This little purse is perfect for customization! With that little opening in the center of the flap, you can get creative with your fabric choices! We love how Adliya did her whole Peekaboo Purse in cork! You could even do a photo on fabric on that middle section for a special grandparents gift! Find the Peekaboo Purse here!

How stunning is this all cork Peekaboo Purse?! - Andrie Designs

Summertime Sling

This sling bag is another pattern that was made for customization! Piece together that front panel with many different fabrics and embellishments like Milagros did for a truly custom look! Find the Summertime Sling here!

Check out this stunning floral and vinyl Summertime Sling! - Andrie Designs

Feature Me Everyday Tote

While this tote was made for featuring a statement print in the center, it’s also perfect for customization! We have a whole blog series of quilt block patterns you can sew for the middle or come up with your own! Check out the Feature Me Everyday Tote – Feature Series for more! Leslie used a gorgeous flower block in hers and Aimee used a rainbow block! Find the Feature Me Everyday Tote here!

Meet the Maker Love Rubie - Andrie Designs

Turn Through Seams, Be Gone!- Andrie Designs

Which pattern are you most excited to customize for the holidays? I am thinking of appliquéing a silhouette of my niece on the flap of That Flap Saddlebag for her for Christmas!

If you customize any of these patterns or other Andrie Designs Patterns, hop on over to the Andrie Designs Facebook Group and share with us what you’ve made! We love seeing the spin you take on these patterns for your loved ones!

Happy holiday sewing!

<3 Aimee

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